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captain swan for life;
emma swan & clara oswald are my queens;

100 days song challenge

once upon a time s4;
doctor who s8;
new girl s4;

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Title: Breathe Me

Artist: Sia

Played: 86 times

100 day song challenge

26. a song that you need to be in a certain mood to listen to

sia - breathe me (cover art)

ouch, I have lost myself again
lost myself and I am nowhere to be found

yeah I think that I might break
I’ve lost myself and I feel unsafe

we’re in the book


Because I’m very emotional about them I decided to make a network!


We are looking for:

  • people who love Emma and Elsa’s dynamic (ofc)
  • nice and chill people because sharing opinions doesn’t require drama :)
  • clean and organized blogs with a good tagging system: we accept multifandom blogs, so that way one can blacklist what they don’t want to see and still be able to follow their fellow members
  • open ask box so that we can contact you in case you get accepted

What happens if you get accepted:

  • new friends to freak out with over how beautiful frozen swan is!
  • follow from all the members of the network 
  • a spot in the network page
  • use of the “frozenswannet" tag to post your creation, selfies (!!!), ask for help, promos, and anything you want really


  • you have until Halloween to apply
  • we’re gonna choose around 15 people to start off, but the number will depend on how many notes this will get
  • track “frozenswannet” for updates of any kind
  • message me if you have questions


we need to make it personal for her. let her see what the capitol did to district 12.

lol my dash doesn’t spoil me with the plot at all bc it’s all cs date :D


but what if the snow queen is mrs. swan and when they are in the middle of a showdown she calls emma by some nickname that she used to call her back then (maybe duckling becuase hello url) and emma is suddenly 3yo again and whispers “mommy?” and snow is there and it’s heartbreaking and emma can’t use her magic against tsq and jajdlaskjdlasjdklasjdlak

top 10 albums challenge thanks to my sweet selene <3

  1. tom odell - long way down (i’ve never skipped a song)
  2. ludovico einaudi - in a time lapse (soundtrack of my life)
  3. jónsi - go (pure magic)
  4. shinedown - the sound of madness (dAMN)
  5. the fray - the fray (not giving titles to albums is dumb guys, especially to second ones lol)
  6. florence & the machine - between two lungs (one of the few albums that i own)
  7. mumford & sons - sigh no more (oh go d i was obsessed)
  8. the national - high violet (so many memories from like 2 years ago :’)
  9. fall out boy - save rock and roll (i have wide tastes :D)
  10. ólafur arnalds - for now i am winter (there’s something that always brings me to icelandia)

if you wanna do that too, if not just ignore me c: ofswansandcaptains inhislight enchanteddiana notjustfairytales stilesism

Title: Tom Odell

Artist: Another Love

Played: 62 times

100 day song challenge

25. a song that you loved right from the first 5 seconds

tom odell - another love

I wanna cry and I wanna love
but all my tears has been used up

on another love